Europaschule in NRW bilingualer deutsch-franz. Zweig AbiBac


Im Rahmen des Q1-Unterrichts bewiesen einige Schülerinnen, dass nicht nur Shakespeare (The Bard) zu poetischen Höhenflügen fähig war/ist. Nicht immer ganz ernst gemeint kamen einige ganz tolle Werke zustande, die hier ihre Anerkennung verdient haben.


Sonnet “The inspiration” by Mathilda Overlöper
while hearing the bagpipes
inspiring me
and making me think
about travel and sea,

I notice again
how much music can be
cause without - no doubt
one can never feel free.

A feeling, a thought,
a home, a memory.
a beginning, an engine,
a break, a journey.

But first and foremost:
The inspiration for me.


Sonnet by Charlotte Kirberg
I'm sitting in my room
the sun is shining
I want to go out soon
but I have to do some writing.

The homework for today
my teacher told the class
has to be ready on Tuesday
so I can't be in the grass.

I've nearly finished
only five lines left
my bad feelings vanished
now comes the best.

Strawberries in the sun
and sports to have fun.


Sonnet by Julia Lange
It was love at first sight,
when your brown eyes touched my soul
helping me to find my inner light
like it was your only goal.

Since that day, my life became a dream
because you made me always feel like a Queen.
step by step you melted my heart
with your expressive type of art.

And your black hair shimmers silver like the moon
when I must leave you I whisper “see you soon”.
your funny features may abound
short legs, long body, low to the ground

Smart but never shy or foxy –
No, do not underrate the for my ducksie!



Sonnet “Bumblebee” by Pauline Ciecior
I may be small and fat
and yellow and black
but everyone loves me to pet
and my name is Jack.

I love to fly
through the meadow,
up in the sky,
through the Lavender low

Or chill in the sun feeling the heat.
But everywhere you hear me flying my way
so what I am lovely and sweet
but I break the rules every day

Because I am heavy, the say
And still fly my way.



Sonnet by Victoria Jäger
It is nine o’clock on a Friday night
the sun goes down and creates a beautiful light
You can hear birds sing some melodies
and see them sitting in surrounding trees

We have all missed the time together
and wish we could stay like this forever
a few months ago we all sat at home alone
waiting to make the world our own

This whole year felt like a feverish-dream
but now that it’s over we’re going back to our routines
only the funny memes and tons of Netflix streams are still remaining
and we can finally stop complaining.

And when this summer night ends
I’m glad that I got to spend quality time with my friends.

Ein Bild der Skyline der Zeche Bochum